Brian’s Braaied Yellowtail


Brian was in the kitchen today…

Brian's Braaied Yellowtail


  • It came complete with all its guts! Ugh! But quite easy to degut.
    A sharp knife to slice along the dorsal fin on both sides.
  • Vertical cuts on both sides. The flesh is now portioned, but still on the whole fish. Pro Tip- finely sliced garlic can be inserted into the cuts.
  • Generously baste with lots of olive oil. Salt and pepper just before putting on the fire.
  • And into the fish grid it goes. A normal braai grid will also work. This holds the fish firmly in place whilst turning on the fire.
  • In the tinfoil we have some brown mushrooms and Jax’s mellazane heating up. See Jax previous post on how to make this. Turned every 5 min for a total of 20 minutes. Pro Tip- put a sheet of tinfoil under fish for first 5 min to minimise burning from hot coals.
  • Crispy skin, portions just waiting to be lifted away. That’s why the pre cutting takes place.
  • Looking good.
    Add hot garlic butter (thanks, Jax) and serve!
  • Served with a perfect lightly wooded Chardonnay with a citrusy profile to offset the garlic butter.
Course: Dinner, Main Course
Keyword: Fish

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