Cranberry Coleslaw


Coleslaw was something from the 80’s I loathed and detested along with rice salad & raisins. They showed up on every braai table across our nation as heroes and I really didn’t get. I grew up, and goodness me I’m offering up my version of it. The one ingredient I didn’t have and recon it would have popped the flavours was cranberries. We served this with loin ribs. These are our favorite ribs. Perfect amount of meat and not fatty. If you don’t have ribs, open a tin of tuna and serve that for a quick lunch. Another idea is pulled pork buns and coleslaw. Follow the instructions in the photos below. Enjoy ????. Thanks to Oliver Coetzee from the old Two Dogs restaurant for the tip “I like to add toasted coriander seeds as well”. I’m going to try that next time

Try this Cranberry Coleslaw with my Olive Oil Mayonnaise

If you feel like trying a super flavoursome salad packed with so much texture, colour and health you will not be disappointed in my Aubergine and Mielie Sala

Cranberry Coleslaw


  • Slice and julienne 1 small green apple
    Slice half celery stalk
    Slice half baby cabbage
    Squeeze lime to taste
    2 heaped tsp creamed horseradish or 1 tsp mustard powder
    2 heaped Tbls double cream Greek yogurt
    1-2 Tbls my olive oil mayonnaise or The WOOLWORTHS French Style mayo
    1 heaped Tbls cranberries
    1 tsp fennel seeds or coriander seeds bloomed in a pan
    Squeeze of lemon juice
  • Place in a bowl
  • Add 2 heaped tsp creamed horseradish. If you don't have this use 1 tsp mustard powder or Wasabi paste as great alternatives
  • Add 2 heaped Tbls double cream Greek yogurt
  • Add 1-2 Tbls mayonnaise. The WOOLWORTHS French Style mayo is MY FAVORITE. It's creamy more than its tangy. You do YOU
  • Mix all three sauces together and dollup onto apple celery and cabbage. At this stage you can add the cranberries. I'd say about 1 heaped Tbls.
    Squeeze lemon juice and add fennel along with salt and pepper to taste
  • Serve with pork loin ribs
Course: Light Meal
Keyword: Salad, Sides

Olive oil mayonnaise 

Prep Time 7 minutes


  • 1 egg yolk 
  • 7 ml lemon juice 
  • 7 ml water
  • 280 g Bertolli Delicato olive oil (1 1/4 cups)
  • 5 ml Himalayan salt 
  • 5 ml Hot English Mustard
  • 1/2 tsp (3ml) Apple cider vinegar


  • Add the yolk, lemon juice and water to the bowl 
    Whisk to mix 
  • Drizzle in the olive oil in a continuous stream whilst continuing with whisking. Steady and slowly will result in a beautiful creamy vervet mixture. 
  • Now add the salt, mustard and vinegar and mix until incorporated. 
  • If you like it more tangy add more lemon juice. Just a tiny bit at a time. Pour into a sterilised glass jar and store in the fridge. 
  • I like making my own mayonnaise because I control what oil I want to use. The delicate olive oil is better for my heart that’s why I use it.
    I prefer to also cut my mayo with a bit of yoghurt. I’m not a big fan of overly tangy mayonnaise, I think the tang hides the true flavour of a good mayonnaise.   
    Make a batch and spoon out the quantity you need and then add your extra flavours, like grated garlic, basil, oregano or any other favourite.  This is a great way to experiment with different herbs too. And if you don’t like the experiment you haven’t wasted an entire batch of good quality olive oil mayonnaise. 
  • serve with egg and pastrami toast and fresh chopped chilli



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