Cremezola and Artichoke Tart with tomato, basil and hazelnut salad 


A few years ago I made a blue cheese and walnut tart from Good Housekeeping. I love blue cheese and since making that tart we have many more blue cheese style cheeses on the market. I love the creaminess of cremezola with a subtle flavour or blue. I decided to give it a revamp by adding artichokes. I had just bought a bottle of Artichoke Hearts from Woolworths and thought they would work perfectly in my tart. Hazelnuts were the side hustle and what a flavour combination that was. A perfect trio of flavours matched together in harmony.

Cremezola and Artichoke Tart with tomato, basil and hazelnut salad 


  • Tart case 
    23cm Pie Dish 
    165g bread flour 
    85g cake flour 
    1 tsp salt 
    1 tsp Hot English Mustard Powder (optional)
    125g cold unsalted butter cubed 
    3-4Tbls iced water 
    Sift flours, salt and mustard together. Whisk to ensure evenly mixed 
    Add to blender with blade attachment, add butter to flour mix and blitz blend until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Drizzle water into blender through feeder spout and continue to blitz. When dough comes together tip onto counter and bring the dough together in a ball. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. 
    Butter dish and place on a baking tray. Roll pastry out and fit into dish. Pressing sides in place and crimping edges. Place back in fridge and put oven on to 200°C. When oven is ready cover base of pastry case with with baking paper and fill with baking beans (or any dry beans or uncooked rice). Bake blind for 12 minutes. Remove baking beans and bake for a further 5 minutes. Leave to cool whilst making the filling 
    150g medium fat cream cheese 
    80g goats cheese
    75g double cream 
    75g sour cream 
    3 eggs 
    Salt and grated nutmeg to season 
    100g Cremezola 
    170g artichoke hearts drained
    3Tbls chopped chives 
    Beat cream cheese and goats cheese together until smooth and creamy. Add the creams and beat to mix. Now add the eggs, beating after each addition. Break up the Cremezola and gently fold into mix. Cut the artichokes into smaller pieces and gently stir those into the mix, or place them directly onto base of pastry case. Add the chives. Pour into the par baked pastry case and bake at 190° C for 30-35 min. 
    Salad for 2. 
    Shredded basil leaves 
    1/2 Roma tomato per person cubed
    1 Tbls hazelnuts roasted and chopped per person 
    1 tsp Bragg apple cider vinegar 
    1 Tbls olive oil 
    Pinch of mustard 
    Place a slice of warm tart on a plate. Arrange the leaves on the serving plate, and top with the tomatoes and hazelnuts. Whisk the vinegar and olive oil together with mustard salt and pepper. Drizzle over tart and salad 
Course: baking, Light Meal, Lunch

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