Prawn Kebabs with Avocado Shots


Prawn Skewers Banting Style


  • avo
  • chopped chilli
  • crushed garlic
  • chicken stock
  • coriander
  • prawns


  • Avo Shot
    Toss 1 avo into the blender
    Add 125 ml cream salt pepper blitz until smooth and creamy
  • Add tsp tip of fresh crushed garlic
    1-2 tsp fresh chopped chilli and zest of lime with a squeeze of juice about 5 ml
  • Add 500ml organic chicken stock blitz again. Add sprig or 2 of fresh basil. Coriander will also do but I didn’t have any and my brother-in-law doesn’t like it.
  • He was going to be at the dinner club evening so I thought it best to substitute. Voila you have a shot of avo soup. If you want a more creamy thicker soup add another Avo or put in less chicken stock. Now keep in fridge until needed. You can play with flavours here! Really anything goes. Serve in little shot glasses with tiny bits of chopped chilli in olive oil.
  • Prawn Skewers
    I buy (actually my husband does this) size 16-20 per kg. I used 2 boxes for 8 people. There are a few left over for cooks tasting-as-you-go privilege. My husband does the unenviable job of cleaning these little babies. He removes the shell keeping the heads and tails on whilst also getting rid of that nasty little black vain down the spine.
  • So when I get to the kitchen these little beauties are waiting for me.
    Melt 100g butter in a pan add 10 ml crushed garlic, 15 -20ml fresh chopped chili, salt and pepper, squeeze of lime and lemon zest. Arrange single layer of prawns on an oven tray Pour over garlic chilli butter and place under hot grill until done. 3-5 min and watch.
  • Remove from oven and reserve juices for Chardonnay reduction. Arrange 2 prawns on a skewer and serve 2 skewers per person as a starter. Of course if it’s just you and you husband don’t fiddle with skewers. Pile the prawns on a platter and tuck in! Use the Chardonnay reduction as a dipping sauce.
  • Chardonnay Reduction
    In a sauce pan on the stove add 1 pkt chopped spring onion and 5 ml chopped garlic and handful of chopped flat leave parsley to a knob of sizzling butter. Cook until soft and translucent. Add salt to taste.
  • Now zest a lime and squeeze in all the juice. This Chardonnay landed up in my sauce because when my husband opened it for us to enjoy I found it a little too fruity so I tossed it into my saucepan and added a tub of cream (250ml). I reduced it until there was about 1/3 quantity left.
  • Add a knob 10ml of butter and whisk until the sauce takes on a thicker texture. This process takes time and patience but really worth the effort to get the right intensity of flavours. Now add those left over juices from the prawn pan and reduce still further. Taste as you go.
  • I did also add a tsp of xylitol syrup to give it the right balance. You can serve the sauce like this but I did strain it to give it a more restauranty feel. This was after all being served to my Dinner Club guests.
  • To Serve
    Thinly slice baby fennel into julienne strips
    Arrange on plate and drizzle Chardonnay reduction over them. Now place the 2 prawn skewers on top and drizzle more sauce over these. Pop the Avo shot alongside the prawns with a slice of avo and lime wedge to garnish along with watercress or whatever fresh herb you happen to have in your fridge.
    Take a photo of your efforts and serve to your guests. Feel free to share your photos with me. I would really like that
Course: Light Meal, Snack
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