Thai Fish Cakes


Thai Fish Cakes Brian loves my Thai fishcakes and every time he buys a fish it’s always bigger than we need in the hope that I’ll make fish cakes. We freeze the fish until needed. I, on the other hand, am not entirely excited about making them because my hands smell like fish. I now make them in a blender with the bare minimum time using my hands. It’s also his job to strip the fish off the bone and ensure little bones are removed. If you are entertaining make smaller bite size cakes. As an alternative to the dipping sauce, serve with my pickled mango and courgette salad

Thai Fish Cakes


  • Ingredients - green arrow is Thai curry paste
  • Defrosted yellow tail 450g - toss into blender
  • Blitz for 30 seconds. You can flake the fish with a fork if you don't have a blender
  • Add 4 Tbls corn flour like Maizena
  • Add 1 chopped chilli, 3 tsps of store bought red Thai curry paste, I bought I big batch and keep a small jar in my kitchen fridge and the big tub in my garage fridge, leaves of coriander (keep stems for dipping sauce) enough to fill a third of a cup, oh and 1 lightly beaten egg. You can't see it, it slipped through the fish. Blitz for 30 seconds open lid scrape down sides and blitz again. Also can be done with a fork.
  • Empty fish into bowl add 2 spring onions finely chopped and 100g green beans finely sliced. If you don't have green beans use celery.
  • Place a bowl of water (on my right) for your prep. Dip hands into water then scoop a Tbls spoon for fish mix into your hands and shape in ovals. They can be any size you like.
  • I made 21 fish cakes in this batch. Place a Tbls of coconut oil in a non-stick pan and heat. I love frying with this oil. It has a high burn temperature.
  • Fry in batches until brown
  • Place on Paper towels to absorb excess oil
  • Dipping sauce - 1/4 cup fish sauce, 1/4 water (fish sauce is very salty replace with soy sauce
  • Add 2 leaves broken off the spring onion, coriander stalks, extra small handful coriander, 1 chilli
  • Add 1 Tbls soy sauce to fish sauce
  • Add 2 heaped tsp of honey
  • Add chopped veg and mix. I added a squeeze of lemon and 2 Tbls of white wine vinegar too. Taste taste taste.
  • Slice a beautiful mango found af thd bottom of my fridge bought before lock down. I was amazed it still looked and tasted good
  • Sprinkle sesame seeds in dipping sauce
  • Make a mango and spinach salad to make this meal go further. Dip and enjoy 
Course: Appetizer, Light Meal, Starter
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