Marsala Pears (or Old brown sherry)


When pears are in season this is a good time to bake these in bulk and keep them in the fridge whenever you feel like something sweet. They are a treat with double fat greek yogurt and really simple to prepare. I used them for my Pears-in-a-pan Cake and I absolutely loved them.

Marsala Pears (or Old brown sherry)

Baked Pears


  • 125 ml Old Brown Sherry or Marsala wine fortified wine
  • 100 ml brown sugar Moscovado or similar will add a depth of flavour
  • 8 large firm pears I used Vermont Beauty from Woolworths
  • 5 ml vanila extract or 1 vanilla pod is you are feeling generous

Serve with your choice of

  • yoghurt, ice cream or homemade granola. I used them in my Pears-in-a-pan Cake and they were perfect


  • Oven on to 200ºC
    Slice pears into 5mm thickness. You can remove pips or bake with pips depending on the level of rustic you like. You can also peel the pears or leave the skin on. This is a very relaxed recipe, not a hard and rigid one, the choice is entirely up to you. Alternatively peel pears, cut in half vertically and remove pips.
    Place pears in roasting dish cut side down if you are halving them otherwise its not critical
    Marsala Pears
  • mix together the rest of the ingredients and pour over pears
    Baked Pears in Old Brown Sherry
  • Cover dish with foil and bake for 30 -45 minutes. The pears must hold their shape and not be soft and mushy. This will depend on the type of pear you use and the time in the oven Use your senses to guide you. Check after 20 minutes if you are unsure. As you can see I have sliced some, halved some and left the skins on some.
    Baked Pears in Old Brown Sherry
Course: Dessert

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