Homemade Raspberry Jam


My Granny Peggy (Margaret Harrower) used to make jam. I couldn’t appreciate why until later in life. Funny that!!! What frightened me was when I saw the recipe and how much sugar was used. I was horrified. 1kg of fruit :1kg sugar ????????. I decided for myself to make it with 3:1 ratio and it tasted pretty good. This post if for my favourite niece Tayla . She loves my jam. It’s so easy to make, you’ll think twice about buying it again. ???????? ????


Homemade Raspberry Jam


  • 1kg of raspberries to 333.333' castor sugar juice of half a lemon
  • Place fruit into deep pan squeeze juice over raspberries
  • Add sugar
  • Stir to incorporate
  • Let it bubble away. Don't wear slip slops when making jam. Don't let children make jam without your direct supervision. I use a pan because it's quicker. But be careful of it spluttering up. If you are not as comfortable the use a deep saucepan which will minimise the chance of getting hot splutter on you.
  • Colour starts to get deeper
  • Bake bread in between
  • Stir
  • Viola ready- time taken from start of finish 13:06-13:41. Let it cool down
  • Decant into glass jars. I didn't weigh the yield. This made 5 jars 4 small and 1 a black cat peanut butter size jar
  • I make a batch and Freeze. I can't be bothered with the old fashioned way of melting wax over the jam. I have the freezer space so I use it.
  • I made scones so the jam could be used on them11
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