Pizza Dough recipe and ideas


You may have realized by now I post from the previous evening. Two reasons for this I want to enjoy my husband’s company and if I had to post on the same evening there would be no time for US. I VALUE our time together. Friday nights are our pizza and red wine date night and if I can stay awake long enough we watch a movie too. We have been doing this for years. We NEVER tire of this ritual ever, and if every now and again we do something else on a Friday night we get so excited for the next Friday night. (Happy marriage tip). The other reason for me not posting is it allows me time to enjoy what I’m eating and in that way I can share that part of the experience with you too. See previous posts on pizza dough. Otherwise leave a message and I’ll send the link.

Pizza Dough recipe and ideas


  • 600g cake flour (I use 00 flour)
  • 5ml salt
  • 25g wet yeast
  • 325ml water
  • Pinch of sugar


  • 600g cake flour
    5ml salt
    25g wet yeast
    325ml water
    Pinch of sugar
    Mix together
    Turn out onto worktop and knead for 10 min until silky smooth. Oil a bowl and place dough in bowl covered for 2 hours. I left mine for 6 hours. Roll into 125g balls and leave until ready to use
  • Roll out to desired thinness - we like thin and crispy
  • We lit the fire around 5 and enjoyed that over a nice glass of wine. Last night we video called friends in Simon's Town to catch up with how we are all coping with #LockDown
  • Brian prepares the ingredients. These are my favorite ones.
  • Here are some ideas. We did this board so we don't forget  what our options are
  • Ready for the oven
  • I love fresh origanum from my garden it's about the one thing I CAN grown. I also add chilli at this stage
  • Brian is the official pizza cutter. We've had many pizza cutters over the years, we've found the @oxo pizza cutter to be very capable and inexpensive
  • Throw another log on the fire and enjoy the rest of the evening

Pizza dough lesson

  • Mix 600g “00” flour (cake flour will do), 5ml salt, 25g fresh yeast, 375ml water and pinch of castor sugar
  • Knead for 10 min- photo above is after 5 min
  • After 10 min of kneading
  • Place in bowl coated with olive oil and leave to prove for 1 hr knock back and leave for another hour
  • Batch of 8 122-125g balls of dough. Leave covered for additional hr. Roll out and use. I dry cook in frying pan for 2 min a side (the extra) and freeze. This gives them a bit of body and stops them from sticking to each other. Obviously the proper Italian way is to use all the dough.
  • After 2hrs of proving
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