Sunday Omelettes


I really enjoy relaxing on a Sunday. Open pan omelets are a great way to start your Sunday.

Sunday Omelettes


  • Whisk 3 eggs to get lots of air into the mix add 1 Tbls creme fraiche to the mix and whisk some morePop a pan on the stove add butter to coat the pan.
  • When the butter is sizzling pour in egg mix. I use a 20cm pan. It’s the perfect size for 3 eggs
  • Next add the fillings if your choice. Today I used 25grams of smoked salmon, 1 Tbls of cream cheese, 1 Tbls cheddar and 1 Tbls mozzarella. I sprinkled this over the egg mix.
  • By now the eggs have cooked nicely underneath but are still runny in top. Add salt and pepper to your liking. Place pan under grill and keep an eye on the colour.
  • When it’s golden take it out add basil pesto and sit in the deck and enjoy
Course: Breakfast, Light Meal
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