apricot and Macadamia nut oil salad dressing


What a delightful surprise of flavours I tried here with my apricot and macadamia nut oil salad dressing. I recently returned from a visit to the Midlands. I’d found a beautiful bottle of Macadamia Nut oil locally produced from the area so I bought a bottle to try with my salads. It boasts a smoke point of 210° C which is really high and a good alternative to other oils. I won’t be needing the smoke point here though. I’ll have to test it on some stir fried vegetables.

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After making my apricot jam I wondered what the flavours would taste like together. I made a small tiny batch of salad dressing to try , just for Brian and I as a starter.

I had big red ripe tomatoes and some bocconcini buffalo mozzarella ready for the plates. I’d already lightly dry fried the pine nuts so this was a very quick and easy assembly. Here’s what I did, I can hardly call it a recipe but I know you’d like a step by step version of what happened

apricot and Macadamia nut oil salad dressing

Servings 2 People


caprese salad

  • 2 large ripe tomatoes of choice
  • 4 bocconcini balls
  • 1 tbls pesto
  • 2 tsp pine nuts

Salad dressing

  • 1 tbls homemade apricot jam
  • 2 tbls macadamia nut oil or other nut oil of choice
  • 3-4 tbls raspberry vinegar
  • Squeeze lemon juice


Prepare salad

  • Slice tomatoes into 5-6 slices each and lay them on 2 side plates
  • Slice the bocconcini balls to share evenly on top of each slice of tomato.
  • Add the pesto on top of the cheese

Salad dressing

  • Place all the ingredients in a small jug and whisk together. Add salt and pepper to taste. Test to make sure the balance of sweet to sour to oil ratio works. I’m a super taster and this is a good balance for me. Brian is not, so he only really gets the flavour when it’s mixed with the tomatoes. Trust me, it’s good, Brian licked his plate.
  • Drizzle dressing over tomato salad and serve at room temperature.
  • Sprinkle with pine nuts to finish.
Course: Light Meal, Lunch, salad, soups and sides, Starter

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